The Professional Ethics of Photography

The professional ethics of photography are really as clear as a bell right now 

They are based on the fact that capturing a photo is not the same as editing or publishing it. Capture all you like while maintaining your own safety. Dont try and meddle in the scene by rescuing people for instance. For one thing, you probably arent trained up to date in first aid and may injure those people further, not help them. Your job and ethic capturing is just that. Capturing. First and foremost, GET THE SHOT! Otherwise, there is no ethic to objectively even discuss 

Then let the editor edit the photo using the normal editing process, should one feel the photo is editworthy. Then, let the publisher (or their direct assign) decide whether to publish to photo or not. If it clearly qualifies as a news or editorial (including art) photo, then the publisher may go ahead and publish it without prejudice. If the photo is a commercial photo, then lawful agreements might be required (for example, a model release.)

In photography according to my belief, the light belongs to god, so ultimately god decides on all matters of photography, including publication. But god is working through people, so I advise to let god work through you. If you edit and publish your own photos (generally not an ideal idea, but of course its done all the time, that’s my norm too), dont get bogged down in puerile arguments by armchair ethicists, including ahem, bloggers, they likely have no formal training in either ethics or law.

Good luck everyone and happy photo image making  ;3